Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Why Re-investment in Chez Sven Makes Sense

Above, the newly sanded floor in Seagull Cottage. Sven and I believe that re-investment in one's business is the way to go. Seagull Cottage is already one of the nicest accommodations in Wellfleet. Ten years of coming and going had left black spots near the doors. Now the spots are gone thanks to Old Towne Floors, a Wellfleet business. We like to hire fellow Wellfleetians, as much as possible. Some people, like my daughters, for instance, would probably say we should have saved the money used for the cottage renovation. They are worried about my having no retirement savings, a concern I understand. But I think it's also good to help the local economy. This morning I was talking to Angelo, the marvelous lab technician at Outer Cape Health. He kept repeating how happy he was to have a job. A lot of people don't. And, investment in one's own business makes perfect sense. There's a good chance one of the other inns in Wellfleet may soon close. That's right, Chez Sven's main competitor will change hands, and there's no guarantee the new owners will choose to be innkeepers, with a seasonal economy, during a recession that never seems be over. I cannot end this post without asking everyone to take a stand on the latest madness in Washington. Please read the excellent summary at Time Goes By. I did not vote for President Obama to have him cave to smug Republicans. Social Security is in jeopardy with this latest proposal. Oy! What is this country coming to?