Thursday, December 09, 2010

Preservation Hall to Hold Weekend Crafts Fair

The latest reports indicate a risk of flame retardant in butter (Philadelphia Inquirer) and BPA on dollar bills (Alliance for a Healthy Tomorrow and CNN). I assume BPA is also rubbing off onto fives, tens, and twenties after close proximity to cash register receipts. Perhaps gloves will come back into vogue? Instead of such somber thoughts, let's think about this weekend's "Deck This Hall" event in downtown Wellfleet to benefit Preservation Hall. There hasn't been much publicity, so a lot of folks may not be aware of what's in store, although today's Provincetown Banner brought an article about last week's wreathing party. This morning I made a second wreath. I'm calling it "Birds' Organic Delight." Santa will come to Main Street, of course. Local merchants will be selling their wares in booths on Sunday. In fact, this year's crafts fair will be bigger and better than ever. Check out the full calendar here and come on down!