Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What's New On the Bookshelf?

Squeaky Green by Eric Ryan and Adam Lowry was a Christmas gift from one of my daughters. Even I learned a few things from this book. Ryan and Lowry take us on a quick journey through the American home, posting hazard signs where appropriate. What types of products should we avoid, how does one clean safely, where can one find used furniture and avoid flame retardants – the authors present a lot of useful information in a fun way and invite us to join them as recovering users of the toxic products stocked in the local supermarket. Why should we switch to non-toxic? All together now: “Toxic chemicals can cause cancer, asthma, or endocrine disruption and create havoc to our environment!” What did I actually learn? One should dispose of carbon water filters as hazardous waste, rather than throw them in the trash. I was reminded to beware over-sized detergent caps. I discovered cleaning out my washing machine from time to time with one cup of white vinegar might be a good idea. And, dust mites. Oh, got to do something about those dust mites! Seems they are everywhere. Here’s a plan for 2011: get this book, detox your home, then give it to someone you love, who still believes commercials.