Friday, December 31, 2010

To Pack or Not to Pack?

A lot of retired Cape Codders – or, rather folks who have retired to Cape Cod – do not stay here in winter. They often leave our beautiful beaches before the November winds begin to blow off the ocean and return mid-April to smell the spring flowers. Often Florida is the escape of choice. Some people choose to spend a month in Europe, Puerto Rico, or Mexico. The latest trendy destination seems to be Costa Rica. Not many folks leave Cape Cod for Boston. That’s what I will be doing, in order to take a few writing courses at Grub Street. Before leaving, it’s necessary to get everything in order:

Me: “I’m really pleased with myself. I got a lot done today.”

Sven: “You mean in your office?”

Me: “Not only in my office, but also elsewhere. I mean, I’m leaving for two months. That’s a whole lot of organizing to do.

Sven: “Uh-huh.”

Me: “Tomorrow you need to pack. Have you thought about that? After all, you’re going to be away for one month.”

Sven: “One month!!#&#?”

Conclusion: Sven has become a real Cape Codder. The idea of crossing the bridge for a stay in the city apparently has no appeal ...