Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Support Locals Through the Wellfleet Food Pantry

No one wants to admit to being in dire straits, but Sven and I have been hearing echos of need more and more often. People hold yard sales, accept lower wages. Businesses cut back. Remaining personnel work harder for their salaries. The service trades folks are overjoyed with every job they get. So many people are hurting, and Christmas is right around the corner.

On excursions into town, Sven always asks folks how they're doing. There's evidence that although service jobs still exist, more and more large firms are laying off workers. The recession is hard on almost everyone, not only contractors and carpenters, but society as a whole, including Chamber of Commerce members whose regular customers are out-of-work, folks who not only cannot afford these beautiful cards at the stationary store but have missed out on local oysters for quite some time now and may sit home eating cat food instead.

Yesterday I received the following email:

"The Wellfleet Community Forum is appealing to residents, non-residents, visitors, and businesses on behalf of those in need at this time of year. We are most fortunate to be a part of a special place endowed with natural beauty and caring folks. When the tourist season ends and the cold weather sets in, there is a dearth of jobs and other ways for people to provide, especially during these difficult economic times ... One way we can assist our neighbors is to contribute to the Food Pantry. The pantry is in particular need of non-food items not covered by food stamps such as tissues, cleaning supplies, and toiletries. There are donation boxes at several locations in town including the library, COA, Wellfleet Market Place and Grace Chapel Assembly of God (the location of the food pantry). We encourage a contribution of any food or non-food item to these collection boxes. However, some might find it more convenient to send a check. Money is very useful as the Food Pantry is able to purchase food items from the Greater Boston Food Bank at very reasonable rates as well as buy other items in bulk or on sale. Please realize no contribution is too small. Consider sharing what you can with others in this community. Checks can be made out to the Wellfleet Food Pantry, PO Box 625, South Wellfleet MA 02663."

Some bloggers have a tip jar and ask for contributions. If you read this blog and enjoy it, I ask not for a contribution for myself this holiday season, but that you make one for Wellfleetians in need. We had a great season at Chez Sven, with lots of guests from abroad. Not everyone was so fortunate. Show some solidarity this holiday season with folks in our town, the place you love the most. As I wrote in an earlier post this fall, requests for food assistance is up 40%.

Republicans and Tea Baggers sound off on socialism, but I don't agree with them. I think we need to look out for our fellow man, which is what socialism is all about. I sent my check out this morning. How about you?