Sunday, December 19, 2010

Brooke’s Advice

One of our summer guests, a charming young woman from France, shared a letter from an American friend who loves Wellfleet. The friend’s take on our town is fascinating, especially her recommendation of the Beachcomber, which I try to avoid:

“Great news! I’m so glad you will be in Wellfleet. Here are my recs:

1.) The Beachcomber for lunch, or later, for music. This beach bar on top of the dune is the single best spot in Wellfleet. It gets pretty crowded during daytime and sometimes the parking lot fills. You might have to pay for parking, but then they give you a voucher for food. The person at the B&B can tell you how to get there.
2.) Any of the beaches are beautiful. All the ocean beaches are located off Ocean View Drive. You will need to purchase a pass though in advance to park at the beaches. You can ask the person at the B&B where to get this pass. Cahoon Hollow is the one the Beachcomber is on. If you get there early and park before 11 you can walk up the dune and go to the Beachcomber for lunch.
3.) If you get a parking pass, you can use it to park at the ponds. If you need to cool off, or go for a quick swim, try Great Pond. If you want to canoe/kayak, choose Gull Pond. It’s neat how two ponds are connected by a small stream. Again, the person at the B&B can tell you how to get there. I don’t recommend hanging out at the pond’s beach as there are too many screaming kids.
4.) If you are in the mood for a pretty hike that takes you through woodlands and marshes (several different landscapes), you can visit MA Bay Wildlife Sanctuary on Route 6. The person at the B&B can also show you how to get to Great Island. You can hike there. It is on the bay, not the ocean. Therefore, when the sun sets, it does so behind the water, just like it looks when the sun sets in California. It is one of the few places on the East Coast where you can see the sun setting behind water. It is nice to bring wine and cheese and watch the sun set. Wellfleet has some of the most interesting nature and landscapes I have ever seen.
5.) Wellfleet also has a drive-in movie theater and a regular indoor cinema. That’s fun if you like drive-in.
6.) The Flying Fish café is the best place hands-down for breakfast. Their pancakes are amazingly good although the service can be slower. For dinner, try Moby Dick’s, right on Route 6. Delicious seafood, lobster, etc. There is usually a long line but it moves quickly. You can bring your own wine. So, you can drink as you wait in line, which makes the wait go faster. I don’t think the others are that great. There are a lot of bad ones, so be careful.”

Hmmm. Good advice for the most part. Respectfully, I do not agree about the restaurants, but I like the way this person suggested consulting the innkeeper, which is the best way to get tips on what to see and do locally ….