Saturday, October 04, 2008

Promotional Opportunities: Tough Choices!

Each fall innkeepers on Cape Cod and elsewhere must decide whether or not to renew membership in various promotional organizations. Time to evaluate which have proved the most effective. Should some be dropped and others added? Is membership in the local Chamber of Commerce really worthwhile? I have made it my policy to try one new option each year. For 2009, we will add two. While the addition of a second does require a greater outlay of funds, these economic times make it desirable to be seen on a variety of Web sites, especially sites which offer links to ours. Soon Chez Sven will reach international folks who visit Green Places to Stay, a site created and maintained by Alastair Sawday, husband of one of our guests last fall. We have also joined the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce, which now sends me a great e-newsletter each week with promotional suggestions. Our new listing can be viewed here.