Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Climbing Truro's Bearberry Hill

Today I climbed Bearberry Hill in Truro with my friend Virginia. We parked at the end of North Pamet Road, in the National Seashore. There were a few other hikers about, one who was returning the laminated guide to its stand beside the parking lot prior to departure, and a couple off on a picnic. I was struck by the scenery and wild beauty of the low windswept hills covered with bearberry. From the top of one hill, we read about the 13-acre cranberry farm, which functioned until the 1940s. On a second hill, we stood on a platform and read about the Halloween hurricane in 1991 which broke through the dunes at Ballston Beach. Virginia is familiar with Truro, as I stated in an earlier blog, so we did not need the Seashore guide to the winding trails. Had I been alone, it would have been an entirely different story. How easy to get lost in a landscape with so few landmarks!