Friday, October 31, 2008

Hard Times in Wellfleet this Halloween

Lots of pumpkins on sale at Marketplace this morning, but not many to be seen on the porches and windowsills of Wellfleet! The house beside the Congregational Church was all decked out, as usual, in cobwebs, and even sported a Jack o’lantern tree. While shopping, I overheard a woman ask how much tax there was on a $4.99 sandwich. Candy occupied its own niche beside the front door, temporarily labeled “Halloween Zone,” piles and piles of candy, as yet unsold. Meanwhile, across the street at town hall, the treasurer’s counter wore a cheerful garland of candy corn. Marianne Nickerson felt less cheerful as she prepared to send out tax bills. Apparently, some families are still trying to pay the sums owed from last year. The Lighthouse was offering a $6.99 lunch special. I didn’t see many people eating out though. Hard times in Wellfleet this Halloween ….