Monday, October 06, 2008

Famous Elderblogger Visits Chez Sven

Folks who crave photos of Chez Sven can find a good number at Ronni Bennett’s great blog on aging and ageism TGB. Sven and I were pleased to receive Ronni here last week. TGB is the only blog I read on a regular basis, not only because I hold it in such high esteem but due to the fact that I do not have the time to search out other blogs which are consistently worthwhile. Ronni was the second person I have met through blogging. What interesting conversations we had! Having grown up in Portland, Ronni was delighted by Wellfleet's sweeping vistas of ocean. I also took her to the bay so she could admire the view from Great Island, below. Sven and I really enjoyed Ronni's visit and hope she will come back next fall.