Monday, October 27, 2008

An October Day in the Life

Since we had no Main House guests needing breakfast, I was able to sleep in this morning and only got up at 8:30, in time to glimpse our cottage guests from the window as they got into their car and drove away. I did laundry and hung the sheets up to dry outside. Then I placed some phone calls to doctors, read email, and checked our stat counter. No one is visiting the Web site these days, but blog readers do continue to check out the blog and, for that, I am grateful. First on my agenda, the garden. I planted the remaining spring bulbs and filled four barrels with yard waste. Once Sven got up, we had lunch and drove them to the dump. It was turning out to be such a beautiful day, that it seemed criminal not to walk on a beach. Sven wanted to see the huge house, which has focused the town's attention on the rewriting of by-laws to prevent the desecration of our beloved National Seashore landscape, so I took him across the dike where it is possible to view the monstrosity rising on the opposite bank. We continued to Duck Harbor. Waves were lapping gently at the pebble-strewn beach there. We walked towards Truro and sat down on a log. On the way back to town, we noticed an unusual cloud formation over Wellfleet, and I snapped the photo below. (Often autumn clouds like these correspond to mist, over the ocean.) Tonight, town meeting and a possible vote on the new by-laws. What a busy, busy day!!