Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Why We Do Not Do One-night Stays

Over the last week, requests for one-night stays have rained down on us like last month’s hail, cold and sharp. While I understand that folks are looking to save money with gas costs so high, the fact remains that one-nighters are not something that interest Sven and me. We believe that, for a bed & breakfast experience to be rewarding, an overnight stay falls short. First off, there is so much to see and do in the area. Second, sleep-eat-and-run is not what Chez Sven is about. Think slow food, relaxation, comfort. (For instance, this morning we both joined the conversation around the breakfast table, an experience that was as stimulating for us as for our guests.) Third, if I were to book one night, it would diminish the options for guests desiring longer stays. (I feel especially frustrated by requests for Saturday night alone. It would be loony to book Saturday because that orphans Friday and we lose half the weekend income from one of our three rooms. Yes, this is a business, not a hobby!) And, of course, fourth, one-night represents more work, not desirable since Sven, a retired history professor, has reached the venerable age of 70, although it does not show. Guests, who are in a rush, do better at one of the local hotels, and this is what I tell them.