Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A September Day in the Life

Sven and I cleaned Seagull Cottage and the Green Room during the morning, doing multiple loads of laundry. Then we waited all afternoon for guests to arrive. There were only a few cars parked downtown when I finally could dash into Wellfleet Marketplace to buy French bread to go with the Brie Sven loves. I swung past Hatch's in search of native strawberries from Canada for breakfast, and the veggie displays were already being dismantled. I saw seniors walking around shopping, but walking slowly, in time to the new pace Wellfleet adopts in late September. When you talk to shopkeepers and restaurant owners, you get the same response. Everyone feels the "season" has ended early this year, due to the economy. Here at Chez Sven, we continue to receive guests and feel lucky to have bookings for the next few weeks. Guests love the quiet, interrupted only by occasional birdsong. Our Green Room has won raves from our guests this summer, and I challenge any bed & breakfast owner to show me a prettier bathroom!