Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Why Our B&B Serves Organic

The Seventh Generation Newsletter today brought a warning about irradiated foods,now that the FDA has decided irradiation is the way to go with more veggies, including lettuce and spinach. In their Quick Guide to Food Irradiation, the authors recommend eating organic and shopping locally, among other things, which is fine if one has that option, not always the case in winter. I learned that irradiated eggs lose up to 80% of their Vitamin A, and green beans, 95% of their lutein. In two weeks, one of my favorite local shops will close. Lauren, at Hatch's on the town hall parking lot, always tries to offer organic fruit and veggies. Here at Chez Sven, we serve as much organic food as possible simply because it is so much better for you. Recently, I discovered a great blog about eating local. It is called Diary of a Locavore and offers lots of good advice and recipes. The young writer is one busy woman, with a regular job, a time-consuming blog, and now a weekly radio gig at NPR’s Cape & Islands!