Friday, September 12, 2008

Surfers Make Headlines in Banner

A headline in the Provincetown Banner caught my eye this morning. During the summer of 2009, surfers will no longer be able to ride the waves at LeCount Hollow, otherwise known as Maguire Landing. They had chosen LeCount as their beach of predilection this year, creating problems for lifeguards whose job of protecting children suddenly became much harder than usual. White Crest is the beach where surfers used to go and probably will soon have to go again. The Selectmen will hold a meeting October 6 to consider this issue, as well as others related to our beaches. Personally, I hope the 2008 parking hours will also be changed, so that in 2009 guests can wander Wellfleet’s beautiful beaches until 10 am, rather than 9, and show up at 4 pm, rather than 5, the way the rules for sticker-less cars used to be when my kids were growing up.