Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Time to Smell The Flowers ...

Yesterday we had what I call an orphan, a day without guests, except for Seagull Cottage. The house was quiet with just the two of us in residence. No coughs, no footsteps overhead, no requests for information. Time to watch the butterflies and hummingbirds, out in the flower garden, smell the flowers, and catch up on some favorite television shows.

I said to Sven this evening, after our new guests had moved in, “How different the house feels! I mean, yesterday, we were by ourselves, and now …”

“Imagine people who do this all year!” he exclaimed, not realizing that all year is what we actually do, although, it’s true, people don’t come to Wellfleet in the dead of winter, so it does not feel that way.

“You can’t give out the same energy when you do it all year,” I concluded.

Indeed, part of being a successful innkeeper is greeting new guests with enthusiasm, making them feel welcome, and remaining available at all times to answer questions during their stay.