Monday, September 15, 2008

Great Guests, Great Photos!

One of the surprise benefits of being an innkeeper is getting to know the charming people who choose to spend their vacation at bed & breakfasts. On this breezy late-summer day, our current guests are off to the Atlantic. Over their Swedish breakfast, they reported masses of seals at Head of the Meadow Beach in Truro. Sven and I will have to head up that way as soon as we can, at low tide probably, when the seals congregate close to shore. In the meantime, we are enjoying photos sent by past guests who enjoyed Cape Cod so much they extended their stay. Here is the message these new friends sent with the great photos: "Hi Sandy & Sven, Hope things are fine and dandy on the Cape. We have extremely happy memories of our holiday and particularly good ones of our stay with you. You even managed to arrange for other pleasant guests to be around at the same time, how thoughtful of the hosts is that! We have been praising Chez Sven to our friends although that probably wont translate immediately into a traffic jam of guests along the Old King's Highway. We took quite a few photographs at Chez Sven but I don't want to overload your mailbox by attaching them all at once as they are 300-400K
each. So here are just two, depicting the proprietors themselves which we think are rather nice - hope you do too."