Sunday, May 04, 2008

Wellfleet-Long Pond-Swimming-Reviews

Internet searches are getting more and more specific. The above search intrigued me so much that I Googled it. I learned that the portable toilets at Long Pond are cleaned every day. I found an entry for Wellfleet Chezsven Blog, and an ad for a vacation rental: “Long Pond, a great fresh water swimming spot with a public beach, is within 500 …” I clicked through and discovered there are 186 properties listed on the vacation site, which means 186 families are renting their Wellfleet homes this summer from this site alone. This week’s New York Times reveals vacationers are waiting until the last minute for deals this year. But back to Long Pond Reviews. There were none, really, so I thought I would provide one. The water at the public beach is very shallow, great for toddlers. There is a raft, fun for elementary school kids. The beach is narrow. Folks tend to set up beach chairs on the grassy slope. At Chez Sven, I always warn guests with children, as soon as the weather heats up, NOT to swim in Long Pond. Although the town does do a regular control of bacteria, over the years I have seen too many people become sick after swimming in Long Pond to recommend it. Mayo Beach, on the harbor, is a much better bet for families with small children, as is Duck Harbor. This is the type of information only an innkeeper can provide ... For reports on the bacteria count at Wellfleet's beaches this coming summer, click here.