Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Three-ring Circus & Weekend Special

This photo was taken last winter, when I still had the leisure to walk the beach. That time will return, I am sure, but for now, think of me as a three-ring circus. The hoops on my left hand are email reservations, laundry, and this blog. Around one ankle twirl the vegetable garden, the flower garden, and a general tidying up of the main house following renovation, still not done. In my right hand, I hold a pen, addressing envelopes for the guests who have reserved Seagull Cottage this summer. A bottle of green cleanser sticks out of my right hip pocket. The left holds pruning shears so I can pick a bouquet of Angelique tulips for the Green Room. On my head balances a basket of fresh eggs from the farm down on Route 6. All this, not to mention running a household, a relationship, and the promotion of this bed & breakfast. Whew! In spring, there is so much to do! Blog readers have shown much support recently, which I do appreciate. Thank you,thank you. In an effort to spread the word about our new green room, Chez Sven is offering a weekend special in May and June so returning guests can check out the results of our renovation: $130/night. Weekends still available include 5/30 & 31, 6/6 & 7;6/13 & 14.