Monday, May 12, 2008

Liberty Coin Suite Room Turns Blue

Some of the changes are up on the Web site, thanks to my son in California. The new photos of the Liberty Coin room and the General's Green Room have not yet been posted, however. They will be, later in the week. In the meantime, here is Sven, putting the finishing touches on the Liberty Coin room, now blue. I am glad to report that the Eldred Wheeler furniture company found an investor at the last minute so this pencil post bed will not be the last one their carpenters make after all. Curry Woodworking will continue the excellent line of classic furniture reproductions. The pencil post bed was a type of bed made in America from 1690 to 1800. Ours does not have a tender yet, but it will be coming. The tender is a frame top, like a canopy, only not curved. As time goes on, we hope to add other pieces of period furniture from Eldred Wheeler/Curry to our collection for the enjoyment of our bed & breakfast guests.