Friday, May 09, 2008

A May Day in the Life

Grey skies today from my window remind me of everything there is to do before the rain arrives. I gulp a cup of coffee, check Matt Noyes’ forecast, and remove my things from Seagull Cottage since there are guests arriving this afternoon. Several emails await my attention, all booking in June. Off I go to Orleans, twenty miles down the road. I shop for veggies and another quart of paint, then swing by the cleaners where the salesman confronts me with bad news: the slipcover cannot be dry-cleaned. It cannot be washed either, in my opinion, so here is a problem Sven and I will have to solve later. At Snow’s I purchase a beautiful hanging plant, on sale at 15% off the regular price. Neither Stop & Shop nor the South Wellfleet General Store carries Buffalo yogurt this year, so I will have to search the Internet for another source of my favorite starter. I shop at the bakery and rush home. Boz, our carpenter, built one last shelf in the Green Room closet and is ready to leave by the time I arrive. He has brought us fresh eggs from his farm, which I will serve this weekend to the lucky folks who booked the Green Room for tomorrow at the introductory rate of $150/night. After a quick lunch, I help Sven clean the cottage. Exhausted, I lie down in the new Green Room for a nap while the rain pours down.