Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Best Place to Stay in Wellfleet: Chez Sven!

At last we feel the end of our renovation project is drawing near. Sven and I had dinner at Moby Dick's this week. Owner Todd Berry told us he and Mignon have also been renovating their home over the winter. They too are out of patience, out of energy, and way over budget. With our first guests arriving for the General's Green Room this Saturday, we scurry to finish up last-minute details. The pantry is tiled. The new living room is painted. The table has been placed in the new country kitchen. We spruced up the Liberty Coin main room with a fresh coat of paint. Monday the radiator was installed in the Green Room. In the above photo, we see Boz, our carpenter, last fall, taking apart my mother's old kitchen. The room is a gorgeous space now. If I had the time, I would go and sit in there to absorb some of the peaceful atmosphere. But, of course, there are things to do, too numerous to mention. Sven is redirecting the brick path to the parking lot and has built a patio where we will place the vintage table for breakfast outside in summer. I must help him with this strenuous work. Oh, and the garden calls. My new plants should arrive this afternoon from Bluestone Perrenials. We are having a fabulous day here in Wellfleet with a slight breeze and bright blue skies, the color of Liberty Coin's walls. The forecast is for some rain, perfect for planting. Then, Sunday, the weather will improve again. The Green Room has lots of availability still since no one knows how wonderful it is ... Where's the best place to stay in Wellfleet? Why, definitely Chez Sven. Great food, great garden, great rooms. Y'awl, come on down!