Thursday, May 29, 2008

Innkeepers Who Double As Bricklayers and Gardeners

First off, I would like to apologize to everyone who was hoping for a photo of Wellfleet on this beautiful day. Our guests had wonderful times at beaches, both ocean and bayside. Sven and I, however, are much too busy to go for a walk. I have been working on editing David Wright's book about the shellfishing industry in Wellfleet, as well as madly planting flowers, mostly impatiens. The garden is amazing with the peonies about to pop open. The irises stand tall, swaying in the breeze, beside the poppies. I am quite pleased with the Patriot hostas, which I transplanted in front of the windows of our new room. My garden looks so nice, in fact, that our friend Steve Durkee asked me to put some flowers in beside his new Studio, a request I could not refuse. He wanted to exchange the fabulous big painting in Liberty Coin Suite for my work. We had it on loan. Now, it will be ours for keeps. Thank you, Steve! All this blabbering about flowers has not left a minute to tell you what Sven has been up to. This week he decided to create a brick step at the door to the Green Room, pretty ambitious for someone who is about to turn 70. The step was finished today. Look how nice it is!!