Friday, August 10, 2007

What is Seagull Cottage?

Seagull Cottage is a private cottage in the woods behind Chez Sven. Here is a bit of history on its creation: When my parents retired in 1969, on an impulse, they purchased some cabins in case they did not find the perfect old Wellfleet house. Our Cape Codder became available that same week. It was built in the 1700s and moved to this site in the second half of that century. What to do with the cabins? They were transported to the property and joined to the two-seater outhouse, which was to become the cottage kitchen. When my children were small, I used the cottage in the summer. After a few years, my parents began to rent out the space. Tenants enjoyed the quiet and peacefulness, as well as the proximity to ponds, beaches and town. Many former tenants liked this part of Wellfleet so much that they decided to purchase second homes in the nearby woods. In 1997, Sven retired from teaching, and we moved back from France to care for my parents. We were used to living in a larger space and found our queen-sized bed would not even fit into the smaller cabin. So, we decided to enlarge the cottage, adding a chimney and master bedroom. During the fall of 1999, Sven and a local carpenter built this addition. In 2003 we renovated the kitchen. In 2004 we put new front windows in the living room. In 2005 we added a door and a bit of deck. For 2006, we redid the bathroom. In 2007, two new screen doors were installed. Whew! That’s a lot of renovation. Seagull Cottage books by the week in summer and has proved a very popular venue. It has a fireplace, which makes for a cozy retreat in fall, winter, and spring. If you are interested in July or August, 2008, let me know early as the slots go fast.