Wednesday, August 15, 2007

An August Night and Morning in the Life

Last night I had a dental appointment in Hyannis and missed the arrival of some folks from Tennessee, who had booked the Studio without realizing it does not include private bath. Sven received the guests with glasses of wine, since he was having friends over for dinner. When I got back at 9 p.m., I rushed to the Studio with my registration sheet and was met with frowns. The gentleman was having a hard time connecting to the wireless and intimated none was available. I assured him that everyone so far has been able to connect. His wife asked to be allowed to try, and, sure enough, could read her email, important in today’s connected world. She told me their plan was to leave in the morning, since there was only a shared bath for Studio guests. I checked my email messages to be sure I had mentioned this fact. I had. She then said they rose early and could not wait until 8:30 a.m. for coffee, so I offered to serve them at 7:30. After a difficult night – Sven was coughing, an allergic reaction perhaps to something he ate, waking me over and over – I was so exhausted that I slept through my alarm and only got breakfast on the table by 8. The Studio couple seemed in better spirits nonetheless and was able to enjoy the strong organic free-trade Peace coffee, granola, and fruit salad. They chatted with our other guests who had requested chocolate baked goods for breakfast. While I was in the house, the couple left without saying goodbye. I called the Chamber of Commerce to let them know about this unexpected availability and headed for the post office with a letter containing a refund. Here at Chez Sven, I only want happy guests ….