Monday, August 13, 2007

Message for Maria

Comments about this blog reach me through different avenues. Yesterday I received an email from Maria who writes, “I found your blog earlier this year and am a devoted follower. I passed along your link to my mother. I enjoy very much your Wellfleet news and photos. I read the Cape Cod Times nearly every day (online) but find what I'm looking for on your blog. Your By Bea’s Bedside blog especially touched my heart as I cared for my godmother as she lived out her last months with help from hospice. I want to thank you for all the pleasure your writing has given me! I will keep reading!”

Emailing Maria proved impossible, so here is my response: “Thank you for your kind words about my blogs. I really appreciated your writing to say you enjoy them. You might be interested to know that I will be guest-blogging at timegoesby tomorrow. Ronni Bennett’s blog is not about Wellfleet but provides much food for thought. Your mom might enjoy knowing about it, too. If you are ever in Wellfleet, do stop by and say hello.”