Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Duck Harbor, Water Bottles, & BPA

What with fog hanging over the Atlantic and mung in the waves on the backshore, Duck Harbor, on Cape Cod Bay, seems to be the best beach in Wellfleet this summer. The air was crisp and clean last Sunday when these photos were taken. Duck Harbor, in two directions, if you please, above and below. Tourists happily trudged over the low dune to the shore with beach umbrellas, coolers, and other paraphernalia, including, without a doubt, a good number of bottles of water. Plastic bottles have become a fixture in our 21st century lives. What if plastic were responsible for some of the many health conditions that now plague modern society? The Green Guide carried a warning about plastic bottles last year. Yesterday, on CNN, health reporter Elizabeth Cohen informed listeners that new studies indicate bisphenol-A may leach out of plastic bottles and cans. The chemical industry would have us believe BPA is safe, but it looks like the opposite may be true. When will Americans learn to stop trusting authorities whose economic interest is involved in the continued use of a product?