Sunday, August 26, 2007

Wellfleet Emerges from High Season With New Community Spirit

The pace, at last, is beginning to slow down. The restaurants are not as full as folks head back to college. Here at Chez Sven, we welcome the slower pace. It has been a busy, busy summer. Yesterday there was a garden party downtown to welcome back the doors, formerly of the Catholic Church, now the symbol of Wellfleet’s future Preservation Hall. Everywhere tourists notice the Caleb Potter signs and ask shopkeepers who he is, then stuff a few bills in the collection jars. When Caleb went back into surgery last week, the town seemed to be holding its breath, waiting for his mother, Sharyn, to communicate, through her blog, that he was all right. The accident will have been the memorable event of the season in the way it brought the community together to pray for and support one of its own.