Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Wellfleet's New Image: Compassionate and Totally Booked in August

“If a town could be judged by its collective kindness, Wellfleet could be designated capital of the East Coast.” Jeffrey Bergeron, Summit Daily News, Colorado, 8/11/07. (To learn more check out www.calebpotter.blogspot.com.)

Sven went to the Box Lunch today for a sandwich and learned Wellfleet is completely full for the next couple weeks. No rooms available, not a one. Last Thursday there was a line of 25 cars at high noon, awaiting access to Newcomb Hollow Beach. I always tell bed & breakfast guests they need to get to the beach early if they want a spot on exceptional beach days like last Thursday or I suggest they simply do Duck Harbor instead – no mung. I already knew about the lack of rooms issue from the daily phone calls. What’s more, the Chamber of Commerce is running out of guidebooks earlier than usual and has requested that members bring back extra copies. About this time of year, Wellfleetians start really looking forward to September. It’s easy to understand why. A quick trip down Route 6 to the post office becomes a major endeavor with cars streaming towards Provincetown. The Main Street sidewalk is crowded; the restaurants, busy. “Come in September instead,” I tell last-minute callers. Folks with kids usually have to stick to a school schedule, but anyone without children should consider creative planning next year. A peek at the photos on past blogs will indicate why: Wellfleet can be so very lovely in the three other seasons as well!