Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wellfleet to Hold Harborfest in June

I do not know what the objects in this photo are, but I found them interesting and picturesque. They poked out of the water at low tide and, without my glasses, from a distance, looked like seabirds, with buoys for bellies. I spotted this strange flock last week when Sven and I went to the harbor for some exercise. Wellfleet's marina has become one of my favorite walks. There's a nifty sidewalk that is one half mile long, so we have to walk it several times to get the type of workout LeCount Hollow Beach offers. More people will discover the marina this spring during Harborfest, now in preliminary planning stages. A date has been selected, June 12. There will be a boat show and the promotion of charter/fishing events, a Marine Flea Market, a "clamboil." The Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary will hold educational events in conjunction. The day will close with a concert or dance of some kind in the evening. Volunteers are still very much in demand, so if you are interested in participation or have any input to provide, please contact Paul Pilcher through town hall.