Friday, November 26, 2010

PB Boulangerie-Bistro Does Thanksgiving

Yesterday I explained how Sven and I wound up at PB for Thanksgiving dinner,so I would really be remiss if I did not follow up with a report, now wouldn't I? As might be expected, PB dished up excellence. Our plates contained both white and dark meat, only the dark meat, on the right, was hidden in a crust atop the stuffing. The vegetables were presented as a rectangle, dressed up with immaculate marshmallow topping that made them remind me of a clean-cut French girl, in starched apron, off for a first day of school. The pumpkin pie was crust-less and yummy. Phillipe stopped by our table to say hello. On the way out, I noticed all bakery items were half price. I do not know if the sale will continue today, but anyone local who has not yet enjoyed the apricot tart or chocolate eclairs, head on down!