Thursday, November 11, 2010

A November Day in the Life

My day began by checking emails, as I warmed my hands with a cup of hot coffee. I have been meaning to order new sheets from Coyuchi, so set about this task first thing. There’s nothing like organic cotton, and it is much better for the environment. Unfortunately, the saleslady sent me the wrong list and then left on a trip, so I was unable to complete that task. Since we have demo-ed the cottage, I vacuumed up the last bits of fiberglass insulation, broken wallboard, and evidence that mice had been living in the walls. I donned gloves and a mask for this unpleasant job. In the afternoon, we headed down to Provincetown to pay for this winter’s heating oil. The weather was not as cheery as the day I took the photo above, near High Head. After Cape Cod Oil, we went food shopping. I had not been to the Shank Painter Road supermarket since it changed hands and was very sorry to discover Stop & Shop has moved into the space previously occupied by A&P. Now the food sold is identical to the chain store in Orleans, only there is less choice and very few organic options. If I lived in P-town, I think I would shop only at the Bradford Health Food Market, in the center of town. We drove through Wellfleet on the way back and stopped at Marketplace to buy wine. At Stop & Shop I bought some lamb from NZ so will cook that for dinner tonight. I noticed that the lady in front of the liquor store has had a new change of clothes. She is so unexpected, don’t you think? Once back home, Sven cut up firewood and I dug up the flowerbed in front of the house as the wind whipped through the barren branches over my head. I planted white tulips for spring, surrounded by little blue flowers, also bulbs, whose name I forget. Sven had hoped to spend the day reading. Ha! Too much to do, even in the off-season!