Monday, November 08, 2010

Finishing the Season in Style

This weekend Chez Sven received its last guests of the season. (If more book over the next two months, that’s fine, but for now our calendar is empty.) When guests check in, I usually ask what their professions are. If I forget at check-in, I will ask over breakfast the following morning. Knowing professions helps with activity-choice recommendations here on the Outer Cape. So, anyway, on Saturday, over breakfast, I asked these guests what their professions were. The husband said cardiologist. The wife hesitated half a second and said, “Member of Congress.”

Whoa! You can bet that response caught my attention. We have had a judge from the UK who knew the Prime Minister and folks who work at the United Nations on behalf of the Swedish government, but this is the first time a member of the United States Congress has chosen Chez Sven. Now, I am not going to tell you which district she represents, or why she was on Cape Cod, because our Congressmen and women deserve to have a private life, too. I can share that she's a Democrat. You can bet the morning conversation suddenly veered into environmental issues. I also shared the weekly Provincetown Banner, with photos of Dan Wolf and Sarah Peake on the cover, suggested PB Boulangerie for dinner, and promoted "Promise" at WHAT. On Sunday, we had progressed to talking Food Inc. and the need for labeling on genetically-modified salmon. When the couple left, I gave them a copy of Our Stolen Future by Theo Colborn, the world's specialist on endocrine disruption.

Prior to departure, the Congresswoman toured the premises. Everything met her approval. She’s even going to tell her friends about us. More members of Congress in perspective …. Woo-hoo!

Why do you think I chose the photo above to illustrate this post? Where do you think the photo was taken?