Sunday, November 07, 2010

Nightmare Scenario

Now that the renovation of Seagull Cottage has begun, and the cold makes it impossible to book Liberty Coin Suite, our Green Room is the only room available for guests. It is beautiful (see above, and yes, the walls of the Green Room ARE yellow.) Indeed, the Green Room never fails to produce smiles. All our rooms usually please our guests. They say, “Wow!” when they climb the blue stairs to Liberty Coin Suite. Seagull Cottage guests often exclaim, with delight, “Why, this is a whole house!”

Despite all the praise, whenever I show guests to their room, I always worry something may go wrong. So, I today I'm imagining what would be a nightmare scenario, ie. worst-case remarks, none of which anyone has ever said to me, thank goodness ...


Mm: "And, this is going to be your room …"

Guest: "Don't you have anything larger?"


Me: "Here's your room …"

Guest: "Where’s the water view?"


Me: "And, this is going to be your room …"

Guest: "Did my husband remember to tell you I’m allergic to down? Ah-choom! No, guess not."


Me: "And, you will be staying in this room …"

Guest: "There’s a strange smell in here. Do I get to look at other options before moving my stuff in?"


Me: "And, this is going to be your room …"

Guest: "The last place we stayed had bedbugs. Sure hope there are none here …"