Sunday, February 01, 2009

February Brings Guests, Films, and More Snow!

February is here and at last the countdown to spring can commence. For the final weekend of January, Chez Sven received its first guests in over two months. Sven and I enjoyed spiffing up Seagull Cottage prior to their arrival. A roaring fire was going by the time Friday night rolled around. The young lady, who made the reservation, is a return client and knows how cozy our cottage is in winter, a great place to retreat. The economy has frozen travel, along with everything else. Hopefully, a thaw is on the way. We have more guests scheduled this week, but now the weatherman is predicting another snowstorm! ... Anyone who is already in town and wants to watch the Superbowl this evening should head over to WHAT for a free screening. More February news: the Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater is teaming up with the Provincetown International Film Festival to present the second annual Cape Cod Filmmaker Takeover on February 21 & 22. Just $5 brings a full day of movie viewing at the Julie Harris Stage. What's more, you get to vote on your favorite. Independent filmmakers, take note: entries are still being accepted. Prizes will be awarded Sunday evening at a celebratory party, hosted by PIFF.