Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Reflections On Blog Celebrity

I used to have my own radio show in Paris, France. I could tell from the glint in a neighbor’s eye whether he or she had been listening after a particular episode, but, as a general rule, meeting fans was a bizarre experience that provided a brief idea of what it felt like to be Sting or Madonna and why such celebrities become reclusive. As a radio talk show host, you send yourself out over the airwaves and never know how what you say will affect listeners. There are ratings, sure. But I am talking about individuals, strangers. People do not necessarily tell you they listen until you find out par hasard. I have discovered the same is true about blogs. I know there are a number of people who read Wellfleet Chezsven Blog daily and enjoy my photos, like Sand Patterns at Duck Harbor, above. And, I am really glad if my documentation of our town finds an audience out in Cyberspace. What always surprises me is when anonymous blog readers intersect real life. For instance, I mentioned a number of weeks ago that Sven had started a brick pathway between the cottage and the main house. How mystified he was in showing a recent guest around to have that guest comment that really it was about time to finish the pathway since it had been weeks now. (I had to explain to my husband that the guest is a regular blog reader and knew about the project from the blog.) I had a similar experience yesterday at the CEDC meeting. As Bruce Bierhans was leaving, he leaned towards me and whispered, “Love your blog!” Marla Rice of Preservation Hall, a month earlier, had said the same thing. I knew their names but had never met either person. Two days ago a reader in New York left a comment about how important the blog had become, inspiring dreams of Wellfleet during the winter months. I had never thought of a blog as a platform, but apparently platform matters to literary agents and since I am trying to market a book proposal, anyone else out there who wants to manifest support, please feel free. In any case, I’m glad so many people enjoy Wellfleet Chezsven Blog. Thank you and keep reading!