Saturday, February 21, 2009

Long Pond, In Winter

Long Pond, in summer, never looks this pretty with lawn chairs out, towels strung across railings, kids dashing into the water. It's messy somehow. The general hubbub breaks the peace. Much neater does it seem in winter, and pristine. Last weekend we had guests who knew how to appreciate Long Pond in winter and wrote us so eloquently that I requested permission to quote them here:

Dear Sandy and Sven,

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say how much we enjoyed staying at your lovely cottage. The place was spotless, cozy and warm, and thoughtful touches abounded everywhere: real flowers on the table, fresh berries in the fridge, dry locust logs, a full bird-feeder, even white chocolate truffles.

Andrea and I were absorbed by your fine selection of books. I especially enjoyed reading about Cape Cod archaeology and the book about the Lifesaving Society.

We love living in western Massachusetts, in a sleepy little place called Shutesbury, but the Cape is a magical place. I had not spent a day there during the winter in many, many years, and I had forgotten about the quality of the light. There is something of a salty tang to that clear blue air, a brilliant translucence that makes one blink and stare, that is unlike anything else I know. Maybe it is some synergy of the reflections off the sea, the pitch pines and scrub oaks, the smells of glacial soils and old cedars and locust logs. Temper this with the knowledge that here is where our country first became established, and in my case, where I spent my formative years as a child, and I must return here again and again.

I hope we will come back to Seagull Cottage.

With fond regards and many thanks,

Geoff Rogers