Friday, February 27, 2009

Update on Local Happenings

W.H.A.T.: New play readings at Willy’s Gym are back! Buy tickets now for Friday-night events throughout the month of March.

Public Library: Bernard Greenhouse is sponsoring two young cellists of talent at concerts Feb. 28 and March 7 at 7:30.

French Bistro: Anyone want to bet on whether the new owners from France will succeed in transforming the building above into a 60-seat upscale restaurant and bakery by summer?

Dance Evening: Enjoy dancing? Paula Erickson has started free-style dance-your-heart-out Friday-night get-togethers at the COA, 1st and third Fridays at 8 pm.

Future Toastmasters: Sharyn Lindsey is the moving force behind the public speaking group meeting at the COA on Tuesday nights, twice a month. Attendees will become toastmasters once the magic number of participants has been reached.

Mass Cultural Council Grant Obtained: W.H.A.T., Preservation Hall, and four other Wellfleet entities will share a 2009 grant of $4000 for their "cultural tourism marketing initiative."