Friday, January 30, 2009

Wellfleet's Last Oyster Shack: Where Should It Go?

During the third meeting of the Economic Development Commission, Sam Bradford, from Mac’s Seafood, described how bushels of oysters were once stored in the building that is now Mac’s Shack, for shipment all over the United States. The oysters were piled high, up to the ceiling, in fact, he said. Other oyster shacks were on stilts in the water nearby. There were quite a few scattered around Duck Creek when shellfishing was the town's main industry. David Wright included photos of old oyster shacks in his Famous Beds of Wellfleet, available here. Wellfleet still has one shack left standing, moved to its present location in 1951. The Wellfleet Historical Commission wants to recover the shack from Burgess Mountain, off Gull Pond Road, and move it closer to the harbor. Chairwoman Janet Erickson says the DPW has volunteered its services for the move. Selectman Jerry Houk has called the shack “a piece of the town’s history.” Where should Wellfleet’s last oyster shack be put? The library is collecting ideas. If you have a suggestion, do send it to Elaine McIlroy, library director.