Saturday, February 07, 2009

Spring Return/Guest/Blog-Reader Special!

Thank you, blog readers, who wrote in to comment on the photos posted yesterday. Yes, it really was beautiful. I am sorry you cannot be here in Wellfleet to see for yourself. Snow on sand provokes a strong response because we usually associate the beach with summer. Here are more photos taken yesterday: the cottage (above) almost hidden from view, and a block of ice at Powers' Landing. There are folks out in cyberspace who consult Wellfleet Chezsven Blog several times a week. For you regular readers, I am posting a Spring Special, before anyone else hears about it. Chez Sven will offer economic-crisis-busting rates for return guests on two weekends: April 24, 25 and June 5, 6. If you are interested in a real deal, please let me know, by email at Chez Sven (AT) Comcast (dot) net or give a call to reserve your spot now.