Friday, October 12, 2007

Oysterfest Tomorrow!

All week long I have been fielding calls about Oysterfest.
Tomorrow these tables will be full. Crowds of people are coming to Wellfleet to celebrate the oyster. We can expect traffic jams galore on the highway. I spotted a sign at the parking lot beside the post office on Route 6. It advises guests to park and walk. I wonder how many people will be willing to hike a mile into town? It was calm down at town hall today. The deserted parking lot glistened in the afternoon sunshine after morning showers. I observed two women sitting at the empty picnic tables for a chat, and Alex Hay was nailing a banner to the grandstand where the shucking contest will take place on Sunday afternoon. The Mac’s Seafood sign was already well secured in the middle of the large tent. Two dozen Porta-potties were lined up to one side. Tomorrow morning early, artists and artisans, non-profits, commercial enterprises, and sundry independent folk will set up stands along Main Street. Meanwhile, Wellfleet’s shellfisherman hauled in their very last oysters and put them on ice. Let’s just hope it doesn’t rain ….