Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Dyer Pond, Quiet and Beautiful

How peaceful it was at Dyer Pond today! Sven and I sat on an overturned raft and enjoyed the view, hoping no ticks had time to crawl up our legs. People catch Lyme Disease in the fall because they are less vigilant. Until the hard frost, the ticks continue to search for their next meal. We saw wild mushrooms in the forest and neighbors, out walking. The weather is abnormally hot this afternoon. We took advantage of the warm temps to rake leaves outside. Our carpenter friend Nate Cook stopped by to discuss the renovation project, to begin next Monday. We will turn the northern wing of the old house into a bedroom with private bath for bed & breakfast guests. The kitchen will be moved into the original “keeping” room. The maple tree out back shows no signs of seasonal changes, usually under way by Halloween. The green leaves will fall. They have to fall. But, for now, the tree is still dressed for summer, reminding us that climate change is reality.