Sunday, October 21, 2007

An October Day in the Life

I began Sunday by getting up at 7 and having a leisurely breakfast in front of the television with a cup of coffee. I always rise earlier than guests in order to be awake by the time they rise. After a quick shower, I checked the email and off I went into the kitchen. When I carried the breakfast tray into the dining room, I discovered our Liberty Coin guests had left me a message: “We’ll be down at 9 for breakfast.” Now, had they told me last night, I would have had a half hour more sleep. Fortunately, most guests are the considerate type, like those, now in the cottage. Friday they came over to ask if it were all right to put their baby’s Pack & Play in the second cottage room and whether there were an extra charge. This is their second visit. We look forward to a third and fourth!! But, I have been wandering, so let’s get back to the subject at hand. Breakfast, half of why guests chose B&Bs over motels. On our registration form, one of the questions is FAVORITE BREAKFAST? The reply gives me a idea of preferences. After both sets of guests left, it was laundry time. Sven helped me with cleaning Liberty Coin and Seagull Cottage. We have it down to a routine now. He does the bathroom, kitchen, and fireplace. I do the rest. Putting both in order takes three hours. We both look longingly from the windows at the blue sky. All the windows are wide open to let in the warm autumn air. Our Liberty Coin Suite guests arrive at 3:30. After registration, they head out towards Provincetown. Sven and I hit the beach for what surely must be one of the very last beautiful beach days of 2007!