Wednesday, October 03, 2007

More Raves for Seagull Cottage

Because Sven and I endeavor to guarantee privacy in Seagull Cottage, often we do not make the same contact with folks who are not staying here with us in the main house. I get to chat with Liberty Coin guests after breakfast and greet them when they come back from dinner. Sometimes I really regret the distance with Seagull Cottage guests, although I understand the seclusion is part of the cottage’s appeal.

My son usually updates our Guestbook but he is busy these days and often does not get to this task for weeks. Therefore, I would like to share the note I found this morning after our Seagull Cottage guests left: “Such a magical spot to spend a honeymoon! Thank you for sharing this glade in the oak forest. We walked on the beaches, swam in the ocean, watched the chickadees, titmouse, and nuthatches come and go, and were so happy and relieved to be together for a few days of peace and rest. Thank you. We hope to be back soon.”

Here is a photo of Seagull Cottage last spring. People are already beginning to ask about spring bookings. Sven and I will move into the cottage November 2 and close Liberty Coin in order to create a brand new room with private bath for 2008. We look forward to the renovation project, but regret having to turn so many folks away in November and December.