Monday, May 22, 2006

Regarding Flowers ...

At Chez Sven we decorate guestrooms with flowers. Last weekend the New York Times Week in Review published an Op-Ed entitled “Pick Your Poison,” all about knowing the origin of the roses that grace your table. The author explained why one should try to be more discerning when buying blooms - most have been treated with pesticides. In fact, organic is the new buzzword for flowers. Apparently many sold in the USA grow in Latin America where our pesticide laws do not apply. According to the Seventh Generation Newsletter: “20% of the chemicals that growers use are so hazardous they’ve been banned here at home.”

During winter, I force bulbs here at Chez Sven. From now on I will have to check the origin of the fresh flowers I do buy. In spring, summer, and fall, no need. Our flowers are Wellfleet-grown, from my garden. Each season brings new blooms. The tulips and jonquils are over, but lily of the valley is blooming all around Seagull Cottage. The wisteria is also out and beautiful.

And, the lilacs are amazing this year. No need to describe the incredible perfumed scent that fills the air. We have three kinds. I prefer the old Persian lilac bush that has been here forever. It is a pleasure to sit outside. You feel so close to nature.

I planned our gardens so different flowers bloom at different times. Our next big display are the irises. In a week or two, the peonies take over. Then lavender steals the show. In August, butterflies swirl around the buddleia and whirling butterflies gaura dances on the wind. Here is a peek at the planter I put on the Seagull Cottage deck this weekend. Each month brings new perennial blooms. The garden always looks different.

I guess my favorite period must be the finale, in September, when the pink chrysanthemums, the purple verbena bonariensis and yellow black-eyed susans lead a marvelous symphony to the glory of summer.

Did I mention the zinnias in our cutting garden?

P.S.The Seventh Generation Newsletter brought news of the Children’s Health Environmental Coalition, which encourages the purchase of organic blooms. Organic Bouquet donates 10% of the purchase to CHEC when you contact the online florist through this link.