Sunday, May 28, 2006

Memorial Day Weekend in Wellfleet

Memorial Day is always a busy time on Cape Cod. Yesterday’s New York Times brought word that 38 million travelers will take to the highways of America this weekend. I also heard on television that the gas crisis may diminish the number of cars crossing the country, but that local trips will increase. Tant mieux! Here is a view of Main Street this morning at 9 am. Lots of cars already!

As the year progresses, natives notice an increase in traffic on Route 6. Each month there are more vehicles until, in mid-summer, the highway becomes a traffic jam at peak travel times. There is a great Web site for anyone coming here on vacation. It even has a Web cam of traffic crossing the Sagamore Bridge.

Here at Chez Sven, we do not need to take Route 6 to get into town, or to the ocean beaches. Going to the beach is something neither Sven nor I have done recently. There is simply too much to do. Yesterday I put tomato seedlings in the ground. I still have another whole box to plant. Memorial Day is the last freezing date in our area. The weather is already warm. In fact, I heard someone talking yesterday about a heat wave. Apparently the ocean has warmed up faster than usual. Not a good sign! There is a lot of discussion about hurricanes on television, and we have not had a bad one for a number of years …