Thursday, May 25, 2006

Questions and Answers

When I respond to email queries about Chez Sven, I always ask for any questions my correspondent might have. I know people feel better about booking accommodation if the host provides satisfactory answers, so I do my best. In rewriting the Web site, I even added a FAQ page. Sometimes I mention it, but usually I just answer the questions again.

Then you have the infrequently asked questions. Usually they come over the phone, catching the diligent bed & breakfast host off-guard. Here are a few that I fielded this spring:

“Do you have an outdoor hot tub?” The answer is simple: no. I do not know of any bed & breakfast in Wellfleet that has a hot tub.

“Can I walk through Wellfleet with a stroller?” A tough one. Some of the streets have sidewalks and some don’t. I finally told the woman that yes, it was possible to explore Wellfleet with a stroller if one didn’t mind walking in the street.

“How big is the closest pond?” That I do not know. Usually the question is, “What is the closest pond?” That’s easy: Dyer Pond.

“Do you have any photos from around the property?” When someone asks after visiting the new Web site, it is hard to understand how they missed the photo gallery. I suggest they visit my blog, which features additional photos.

“Does Seagull Cottage have a view?” I surmised the caller was looking for a waterview. I responded that Seagull Cottage was in the woods. The view, therefore, was garden and woods. She did not book the room.

“Can we bring our hyperallergenic dogs?” I said no, although this lady wanted to sign up for a whole week. I have nothing against dogs, but policy is policy.

“Is there a Catholic church nearby?” Unfortunately, the answer is no. The church on Main Street closed. A new one will be built on Route 6. For now, there is no Catholic church in Wellfleet.

“Can my husband bring his bagpipes?” I hesitated a split second, calculating the probability that the neighbors would be in residence, and said, “Sure!” (The guest actually played the bagpipes on Seagull Cottage deck. We were rushing off to a party and did not take a photo, which I regret. He was very good!)