Sunday, May 07, 2006

Chasing Clouds

We went to Duck Harbor today, chasing a cloud.

Sven had suggested a walk by the ocean. Shirtsleeve weather made it hard to imagine a cold wind would be blowing. Surfers and a few optimistic sunbathers were out anyway. Up in the sky a large white cloud pulled across the sun and seemed to want to stay there forever. Blue sky showed to the north, so I suggested we go see if the bayside was warmer. (That’s the beauty of Wellfleet: you always have a choice.)

On the way down Griffin Island Road we stopped to eyeball a construction site on a lot in the National Seashore where there used to be a simple ranch-style house. I visited once during an estate sale before the house burned down. The new structure seemed conceived with summer people in mind. The large building definitely exceeds the original footprint by more than 1 ½ times. The builders used cinder block for the first floor. Curious idea to have a basement above ground, but that way you can build higher and have a view, perhaps even a water view ...

Then, it was on to Duck Hollow Beach. We observed what must have been a brush fire along the righthand side of the parking lot. Up in the sky, there was my cloud, still blocking the sun. To the north, over Provincetown, blue sky. But it was warmer, and low tide. We had a nice walk.

On the road back, we again passed the new building. I use the word "building" because it doesn't look much like a house. Condos, perhaps. On the radio, Daniel Shore was urging listeners not to feel bad about government corruption. Some clever Washington lawyers must have figured out how to bend the rules and build big in the Seashore. I cannot help but wonder if burning down the house was part of the plan? I could investigate, but I think I prefer chasing clouds ....