Thursday, May 18, 2006

Lecount Hollow Beach in Cloudy Weather

I have noticed that often people choose Wellfleet because of a thirst for proximity to the sea. Wellfleet has five different ocean beaches. This photo was taken at Lecount Hollow. When guests arrive, I send them to the ocean before the town. It is just a short drive up Long Pond Road to Cahoon Hollow Beach. They return invigorated. There is nothing like a trip to the beach, no matter what the weather.

Yesterday brilliant sunshine illuminated Cape Cod. On such a day, Sven & I usually beach-walk. Unfortunately, we do not always have time for play. Guests were arriving for Seagull Cottage. I received three shipments of supplies for the bed & breakfast. Then a box of plants was delivered, demanding immediate attention. We did take advantage of the good weather by working outside. All the rain has made everything grow. Talk about being green! When the sun finally decided to shine, the warmth of its rays pushed the hyacintoides out of the earth, fluffed up the lavender, and added several inches to the perennials.

Our new guests were delighted by the sunshine but said they had come prepared for bad weather. While it is nice to curl up with a book, Sven & I have found walking on the beach can be exciting, even on cloudy days. We did go to Lecount Hollow this week. There was mist everywhere. A few hardy souls were out. There is something rejuvenating about the ocean. You feel the power of the waves and are reminded what force Nature has. It is a humbling experience. I always think of that wonderful poem by Walt Whitman. “I must go down to the sea again, to the lonely sea and sky …”