Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Summer Priorities? Shop, Dine, Beach

Summer’s here at last. A lot of us were beginning to wonder if it might be a total no-show. Yesterday I snapped this photo of three girls enjoying the ocean in small kayaks.
Thank goodness the hot weather has arrived. Chez Sven has two guests this week who are taking psychology courses in Eastham. They are highly motivated women, both very organized, more so than regular vacationers, who want to relax. I have noticed these ladies have worked out their schedules to a T. When not in class, they shop, dine, and beach. Yesterday one returned in the evening after sushi at Mac’s Shack with a Karol Richardson shopping bag. She showed us her treasures purchased at KR, as well as at Left Bank Gallery Small Works and Jewelry: a dress, a jacket, and two pairs of earrings. “They don’t make anything like this back in Minnesota,” she said. Dining is, of course, a preoccupation for folks who are staying in Wellfleet without access to a kitchen. I always show guests our restaurant book during B&B orientation. This year’s favorites are the Shack, Pearl, The Juice, and Winslow’s Tavern. Fewer people are going to Wicked Oyster and The Bookstore, but those who do have reported great dinners. We also have had folks who loved Flying Fish. Beach-going …. Hmmmm. Everyone wants to go to the beach. What people are not so happy about is the obligation to buy a sticker. We have had guests who have walked up to Cahoon Hollow, or biked, or chosen Seashore beaches instead with free access thanks to a National Parks card. Some guests simply wait until 5 pm and spend the twilight hours enjoying Cahoon Hollow. The town beaches used to be free before 10 and after 4 (Hat tip to Amy: I wrote this very early! Yesterday Sven and I were thinking about 100 years ago, when no one went to the beach as we walked along LeCount Hollow Beach and Wellfleet's beaches were referred to as the "backshore.") In recent years the sticker hours were changed to 9 to 5. What a shame! I can feel that the recession does touch our guests, and purchase of the sticker is just one more expense, deemed unacceptable. If waiting until 5 is the only option, they will do so. Would Wellfleet really lose that much income by returning to free before 10 to after 4 schedule? It would make so many people happy ….